Mekong Plus- Home

Mekong Plus- Home

Development works when everyone is involved!

Mekong Plus works in 800 villages in Vietnam and Cambodia. Our goal is community development, with a focus on the people, i.e. development for, but really WITH the people themselves.

With the poorest of the poor

We focus on the people who survive with about 30 cents € per day per person.

With the participation of all

All we do, we do with the people, their participation is a prerequisite. And generally speaking, they cover more than 50% of the costs. The poor also contribute.

Long lasting impact, at very low cost

Because everyone joins in the projects, the impact is for good and the costs are minimal, decided by the people.

Recent projects

Connects donors with community-based projects which need support, searchable location or project focus. EN

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    A video clip is worth thousands words! Here the most recent ones: Our projects... live!The challenges: picturesAnd many more... Agriculture…

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In every little thing, there is an angel


Whether you want to raise funds, or just voices, we have a plan for you. Pick an event and start your run for charity journey today

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Share the love, make something happen!

You will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others.

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