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voyage scolaire solidaire au vietnam et au Cambodge - Mékong Plus

Are you a class at school, or a scout team? This will be  great experience, an initiatory journey. We will adapt to your needs and priorities so that this challenge will perfectly fit. Intelligent, funny, exceptional!

Map mission

  • 10 days and 9 nights
  • On the projects: 4 full days on the Rumdoul project
  • Logistics: from day one till the last hour
  • You can make it low cost by camping (tents)

The challenges are a solidarity move and your practical, visible participation to the projects. We ask you to become ambassadors of the projects, upon your return you will be excited to tell your friends about the experience. You will be able to raise a financial contribution which will go straight to the projects you have visited. For this "Bamboo Bikes" challenge, your group contribution will be 10.000 €.

We are very much aware this is yet another challenge, it is a substantial amount! We have thus set up a crowd-funding platform to help you.

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Ils sont à nos côtés

  • aide au Vietnam
  • albatrosB
  • Swiss Philantropy
  • Terre d'Oc
  • logo TrybaNB
  • fondation roi baudoin
  • luxdev
  • whole planet foundation
    • BNP Paribas
  • PartageNB
Ainsi que Somocom - la Fondation AnBer - le Canton de Genève, ect .

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