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Mekong Plus- Home

Are you in the region? Come and visit us!

It is so much better, if you can, to come and see by yourself. We are so happy to share with the teams in the field, and spend much time in the villages: it always boosts our morale and energy to do more and better. 

You will not return unscathed from this journey, this is why we invite you! Like us, you will not know how to say no after meeting these amazing women, who are struggling with a huge smile.

These visits are a gesture of solidarity. They also have a cost: when you visit a program, you take the time of the teams, who are overworked. Time spent to organize your visit, is time which cannot be devoted to the villagers (if you join a group of 5 to 10 people it is better, you will not disturb the teams too often).  

It also has a direct cost: the visits are carefully prepared, we cannot arrive at a farm unannounced, they may be in the fields. A school visit must fit into the school schedule. Each visitor is accompanied on a motorcycle. So all well counted, one day of visit requires another day for preparations.

This is why we ask you a 100 € contribution per person / day or € 50 for the young people.

Come and visit, then support

When you return after a visit, you want to share your experience with friends and family. Please provide us with their email address: they will then receive our "Plumes de bambou": short texts, illustrated, very practical, usually half a page. They make one share a few moments of the projects and of the villagers in Cambodia and Vietnam.

Our policy is to share these addresses wih no one. And, if they prefer to unsubscribe after a while, a simple notice will suffice.

The next time Mekong Plus will organize an event close to your place, you will join of course but also you will come with 5 more friends. Experience shows your personal invitation will be very convincing!

During your trip and your visit, you will certainly take pictures to share with your family and friends. You may like to invite friends to watch them and to listen to your experience. If you like, we may come to complement your memories and testimony, and answer questions.

Before departing, visit one of the Mekong Quilts shops, in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Hochiminh, Hôi An or Ha-Noi. You can also visit our online shopping center:

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