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Mekong Plus- Home

Share some of your time...

We are a small group of people, dynamic in a very friendly atmophere. You can join our meetings, contribute in various ways during the few events we organize. Otherwise you can do a lot via Internet, wherever you are.

Today we can do so much, almost everything from anywhere, at anytime. We can share videos, pictures, handicrafts... for a gathering of friends you would organize. If we know anyone close to you, we will try to make the contact to assist you if needed.

Quite a few students who joined us for a while, could create a small group in their university. We believe every small step counts. We are privileged to meet fantastic people, hear and see amazing experiences. Your colleagues will be important people tomorrow, decision makers maybe: it is important to share with them.

This can be done in so many ways: organize a trip to visit the projects; join one of our "challenges" (visiting the projects on a bicycle), organize a meeting on a specific topic, promote our handicrafts...

You know people who like the concept of social enterprise? Sustainable development? Employment for women?

A wedding of your friends, a gift to be made? We have gifts that give twice!!! This is such an effective way to promote development. Imagine that a bamboo bike gives rewarding employment for more than a week! A quilt will help a whole family for one month!

We produce a few documents, short and to the point, regularly. If you can help with the translation from French to English, this will help save much time! Sometimes we have documents in Vietnamese, which we would like to share in French or English. You need to have a computer and access to Internet.

The famous François Schuiten, known world wide as a designer, has offered a dedicated lithography to Mekong Plus: we can sell it at 100 Euros, which is equivalent to 5 scholarships!

Ils sont à nos côtés

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    • BNP Paribas
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Ainsi que Somocom - la Fondation AnBer - le Canton de Genève, ect .

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