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anh duong

Anh Dương: "Sun Ray". This is a Vietnamese NGO created by former staff of Mekong Plus. Anh Dương has taken over all programs of Mekong Plus in the Mekong delta.


Thiện Chí: "Good Will". This a Vietnames NGO created by former staff of Mekong Plus. Thiên Chí has taken over all programs of Mekong Plus in the province of Bình Thuận.

juniclair logo

Juniclair is a family foundation which has supported Mekong Plus in Vietnam and in Cambodia for many years and on a significant scale. It has also provided much support to Mekong Quilts by promoting sales in Europe, and by helping in the opening of new shops.


The Foundation Albatros has supported Mekong Plus in Vietnam for many years, namely to help the children to pursue their education, and to reduce extreme poverty.

terre doc logo

Terre d'Oc. This a French company selling various homeware products, namely perfume for the interiors. It is very concerned about the environment and sustainable and fair development. Terre d'Oc works with Thiên Chí and Mekong Quilts since many years: bamboo, rattan, incense etc.


WISE is a Swiss foundation which acts as a facilitator between wealthy foundations and people who want to contribute to sustainable development. Thanks to WISE Mekong Plus has developed excellent relations with various family foundations, some have become our major funders.


ALCOPA: company of the Moorkens family. Dominique Moorkens has become the president of Mekong Plus Belgium. The foundation has also supported Anh Dương for several years.


Friends is an NGO which started in Phnom Penh before expanding inmmany other countries. It works with street children.

whole planet foundation

The Whole Planet Foundation provides capital for our microcredit program targetting the extremely poor.


The NIF foundation has supported us for several years, both in Vietnam and in Cambodia, for the poverty reduction program and the various education programs.

Ils sont à nos côtés

  • aide au Vietnam
  • albatrosB
  • Swiss Philantropy
  • Terre d'Oc
  • logo TrybaNB
  • fondation roi baudoin
  • luxdev
  • whole planet foundation
    • BNP Paribas
  • PartageNB
Ainsi que Somocom - la Fondation AnBer - le Canton de Genève, ect .

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