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Mekong Plus- Home

In the North, a non profit organization


Loanna Becattini, over 20 years professional experience in the field of development. Director for Mekong Plus Belgium

There is a general assembly in Belgium like in France. There is a cross participation, each assembly is also represented in the assembly of the other country. The general assemblies together define the policies and strategies each year for Mekong Plus. They monitor and evaluate the programmes on the basis of the reports provided by the boards of directors.

There is a board of directors in each country. Each country has a member in the board of the other country.

The boards of direcors are elected by the general assemblies, which choose from within their members. The board members can be chosen from the staff of the organization. The boards have all powers for the management of Mekong Plus. The boards ensure the decisions of the general assemblies are properly implemented. The boards meet every second month.

In Belgium

Président: Dominique Moorkens

dominique moorkens

Isabelle Flament

isabelle flament

Marie d'Ursel

Marie Ursel

Jean-Roger de Brandt

jean roger

Tanguy Vanloqueren


Claire Thibaut

claire t

Bernard Kervyn


En France

President:Thi Linh Hieu TRAN



Loanna Becattini, director for Mekong Plus Belgium, over 20 years professional experience in the field of development



Yaël Van den Hove, in charge of communication, editor.


Elise Lindron, public relation - bamboo bike

Volunteers support the communication & information sector, including fund raising.

In Vietnam & Cambodia

B K  

Bernard Kervyn, director

2 local NGO

 LogoTC  anh duong


Kosal, director of team's Cambodia

Our main current funders

  • Aide au Vietnam - Luxembourg 
  • Australian embassy -Vietnam
  • L'Antwerpse provinciale Afdeling van de Belgische Nationale Bond tegen de Tuberculose - Belgium
  • Chayra - Germany
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs -Luxembourg
  • Fondation Juniclair
  • Fondation Unilever
  • Air Asia
  • BBGV (British business group Vietnam)  
  • ANZ Bank (Vietnam)
  • NEXT -Switzerland
  • Fondation Elisabeth et Amélie -Belgium
  • Fondation TRYBA -France
  • BLUESCOPE -Vietnam

Ils sont à nos côtés

  • aide au Vietnam
  • albatrosB
  • Swiss Philantropy
  • Terre d'Oc
  • logo TrybaNB
  • fondation roi baudoin
  • luxdev
  • whole planet foundation
    • BNP Paribas
  • PartageNB
Ainsi que Somocom - la Fondation AnBer - le Canton de Genève, ect .

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