Mekong Plus- Home

Mekong Plus- Home

Micro credit

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First loan: 50-80€ .

This program reaches over 5000 households with individual loans. We observe a quick increase in incomes: 20 - 50% per year! Over 8000 households have already been lifted out of acute poverty but we continue with regular visits to make sure there is no relapse after an accident, a failed crop etc.


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Sometimes the poor cannot afford the school fees and other connected costs. The children drop out. We provide 3700 scholarships/year. Every year over 100.000 villagers join a massive solidarity run, and collect 21-23.000€. This is a high priority but we are limited by our funds.

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250 schools, with 82.497 children join this program. The cost per child for Mekong Plus is only 0,7 €/year but the parents contribute a lot more. The teachers are trained in active pedgaogy, the children work in groups, join games and practice. Every week they brush their teeth at school. Regular evaluations have proven the great impact of this program.

Reducing acute poverty

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Help one household out of poverty: 73€/year.

An integrated approach to help households out of acute poverty (about 0,5 € /person/day) in 3-5 years: scholarship, agriculture, a small business, micro credit, better housing and health... More than 5000 families are currently in the program, and on average their incomes increase by 25%/year, which is equivalent to +228 €/family/year. Over 8000 are already out of acute poverty.

Clean latrines, clean wells

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Our support: 30€/household.

People want practcal solutions. Before most people did not have a latrine nor a well. For many years we have promoted better sanitation with a subsidy for the poorest. Every year more tan 600 households improve their condition. A recent evaluation has shown 90% of the latrines and wells are very clean. The infection rate has fallen from 90% down to 6% in our oldest project.

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