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Mekong Plus- Home

Development works when everyone is involved!

Mekong Plus works in 800 villages in Vietnam and Cambodia. Our goal is community development, with a focus on the people, i.e. development for, but really WITH the people themselves.

3 keys for our activities

A simple and performing approach


Mekong Plus lives amongst the poorest and so understands very well one cannot "choose and filter" the basic needs. We do not force a poor household to refund a microloan, when their child is sick and they cannot pay the treatment.

The best is to combine miccroloans with technical support: so that the pig would not die (30% died before the project started) and that the peasant could make a real profit. So that a mother should not have to choose between the education of the children, and their good health.

Mekong Plus brings very low costs solutions to address all basic needs.


Mekong Plus runs a variety of different programs: microcredit, good techniques for agricutlure, training of para-veterinary doctors, protection of the environment, creation of employment, fair trade, action-theatre to promote hygiene and fight alcoholism, support to children with disabilities...

droit des femmes

The programmes cover today about 800 villages in 3 provinces (2 in Viêtnam, 1 in Cambodia).

Every year we reach approximately 200.000 direct beneficiaries: children in kindergartens and in primary school, women, peasants, very poor households, craftswomen...

trav riziere

We train farmers who train other farmers. The very poor households, once they succeed out of poverty, motivate and assist other poor households in the village. To assist and follow-up a poor household costs as little as 3per month.

The charter of Mekong Plus

Our  charter  of ethics guides our choice of partners and funders or sponsors. We also adhere to the international charter of NGOs and we are firmly committed to always  improve ourselves . See also our bylaws (Belgium  -  France).

Our partners

Mekong Plus has helped to create:

In Belgium and France, teams of volunteers and sympathizers organize several events annually, cultural and in sports, with the support of videos, conferences and debates...

Ils sont à nos côtés

  • aide au Vietnam
  • albatrosB
  • Swiss Philantropy
  • Terre d'Oc
  • logo TrybaNB
  • fondation roi baudoin
  • luxdev
  • whole planet foundation
    • BNP Paribas
  • PartageNB
Ainsi que Somocom - la Fondation AnBer - le Canton de Genève, ect .

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